Sunday, 2 June 2019

Refugees in a Moving World: Interdisciplinary Conversations

The overview below of Centenary commemorations that paid attention to Belgian refugees or were mainly constructed around that piece of civilian First World War history is not an exhaustive one at all. The reference section of a future chapter in the book Refugees in a Moving World: Interdisciplinary Conversations (Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh editor) includes a reference to this page. The book is due end of 2019/ early 2020.

Commemorations for the First World War Centenary (2014-18) that included the story of Belgians in exile in Britain

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  • Bradshaw, Janet: Laugharne, (accessed 14.4.19).
  • Declercq, Christophe, Alison Fell and Philippa Read: Tracing The Belgian Refugees, (accessed 14.4.19).
  • Folkestone Step Short, and (accessed 14.4.19)
  • Huws, Hanna: Wales for Peace, (accessed 14.4.19).
  • In Flanders Fields Museum Ypres: a.o. Piet Chielens and Annick Vandenbilcke, (accessed 14.4.19).
  • Lest We Forget, Scottish Refugee Council: (accessed 14.4.19).
  • McKenzie, Alison: Royal Tunbridge Wells Belgians, and AHRC-funded project, (accessed 14.4.19).
  • The Flanders House London Centenary Series, (accessed 14.4.19).
  • Vitti, Toni: Belgian refugees in Rhyl, (accessed 14.4.19).
  • Vredescentrum Antwerpen. (accessed 14.4.19).
  • World War One at Home: Belgian refugees. (accessed 14.4.19).

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