Sunday, 23 February 2014

BBC's World War 1 At Home - Belgian refugees on at 24 February

Belgian refugees take centre stage on first day of BBC's WW1atHome

The outcome of the BBC's team on the Belgian refugees can be found on
- a BBC press office chunk on the Belgian refugee piece, available at
- a full version on Monday 24 February at around 1405 GMT on BBC London 94.9
- a television news segment, shot in Twickenham, will be included in the 6.30pm BBC London News, on BBC 1
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The context of the BBC's World War 1 At Home and its many invaluable stories can be found in the words of the AHRC, who is supporting this huge effort.

"The refugees housed in London’s Earls Court, the music hall performer who recruited for the War effort, the German POWs in Tipperary, Cardiff’s Land Girls and the Glasgow Rent Strikes are just some of the local stories from the global conflict that was World War One. 

Starting on Monday February 24, World War One at Home will begin broadcasting the first of 1400 stories across all BBC local radio stations and regional television in England and the Channel Islands, and on BBC Scotland, BBC Wales and BBC Northern Ireland, and at

World War One At Home, a UK-wide project, will broadcast over a thousand powerful stories throughout 2014 and 2015 - all linked to specific places across the country - in a way never told before.

This unique broadcasting event will uncover surprising stories about familiar neighbourhoods where the wounded were treated, crucial front line supplies were made, major scientific developments happened, prisoners of war were held and where heroes are buried.

All BBC Local Radio stations across England will broadcast a World War One At Home story at 8.15am each weekday morning, and at various times throughout the day from Monday 24 February to Friday 28 February.  More World War One At Home stories will be broadcast in April and through the rest of the year.

BBC London reveals how a make-shift refugee centre in Earls Court became home for thousands of fleeing Belgium nationals. Of the 250,000 refugees fleeing their homes following Germany’s invasion of Belgium in August 1914, many came through ports such as Folkestone and Tilbury before moving to other parts of the British Isles. In London, they were processed in huge encampments – including Earls Court and Alexandra Palace - or they were housed with families across London.

BBC regional television news programmes in England will broadcast a World War One At Home story each weekday from 24 – 28 February at 6.30pm on BBC One.  Many of the stories will feature never before seen footage of life on the Home Front."

The above is taken and edited from the relevant page via the AHRC. (live online 18 February 2014).

Among the partners of the project are the AHRC and the IWM.
You can follow the broadcasting schedules via the dedicated webpage.


  1. Too bad! I tuned in around 1405 GMT at BBC Radio London 94.9 FM online on Monday, but the broadcast about the refugees was already over. You don't have it in the form of a podcast or something?

  2. Hi, it's available from